«The game ends - once evEryone's - victory conditions - have beEn met! - Put another way - the gAme won't - end just by - clEaring one's own - victory conditions - For exaMple - if you are the [King] - and both the - [Prince] and thE [Revolutionary] - died - the game will not - end as lOng - the [Knight] - who still aims - for yOur life - is alive»

«Therefore - someone deFinitely - has to start killing.»

«Huh? How to kill? All players get a knife, so simply start to slaughter each other.»

«Hah? You can't do something like that? Go kill yourself you fool! Don't you get that mankind's a beautiful race that can slaughter each other even without any meaningful goal!»

«Ethics? Ah, you're talking about that ambiguous thing that changes along with the environment. You can't kill because of that? It makes me sick but I have to admit that may be true. Don't worry! [Kingdom Royale] is prepared so that even wimps like you can kill each other! We kindly implemented a system that let's you kill someone by simply pressing a button.»

«What is an incapable piece of trash like you who spent a boring life and wouldn't even get an article on Yahoo News when dying saying? Entrust your body to your lust and savor each moment of this enjoyment! That just suits someone like you who can hardly be distinguished from a hog!»

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