So frustrating. Tooooooooooooo many people. Kami-sama or some other celestial being, in which i don't believe, please make a storm to clear this scenery from bunch of drunk meaningless existences in eyesoring yellow lifejackets. I can't persuade myself to take a shot, because everything looks so filthy. Just keep going and don't look around. Oh, there are more around the theater building. Air stinks like a soy sauce. Naze desu ka? There is not a fucking chance of rice serving party, isn't it. So it must be terrible combination of sweat and other impurities. U gotta be fuckinn kidding me, right. Just keep the pace, don't look around. About 800 meters from home. Rain. One drop after another. Surprised, I stopped. Streets are becoming empty - few people running to the shelters. But I'm standing and smiling. It feels so great. This tiny rain completely washed away my helpless anger. Just great.

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