I open my mouth while fiddling with one of my piercings.
"I hate thoughtless people."
"Well, I don't like them either, and I think anyone with some brains would concur."
"Until a certain point in my life, I believed that lives were ruined by conscious malice. I thought that villains were responsible for the destruction of good people. But I was mistaken. It's the thoughtless idiots who steal others' happiness and ruin their lives. Not the evil people—it's the fools, the scumbags who are incapable of considering how much their selfish behavior will hurt others.
Let's take a habitual shoplifter for example. Because of the losses caused by his shoplifting, a targeted shop might close down. One of the employees might be unable to find a new job, and his or her family might fall apart due to the lack of income. If the shoplifter has considered all of these factors and still continues to maliciously steal, then he's an evil person. But most shoplifters aren't like that. They have a vague idea that shoplifting is a bad thing, but they still steal in order to satisfy their desires-without even considering the collateral damage caused by their actions—and ruin the lives of others without a second thought."

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